What will happen to the existing users of vodafone idea if company shutdowns

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   What will happen to existing users of vodafone idea if company shutdowns

Vodafone idea ,As we all know vodafone idea is facing struggle peroid now due to dues of Rs 1.47 lakh crore for spectrum usage charge and telecom license fees.
Birla stated that if goverment doesnt provide them relief then it will be the end of vodafone idea company 
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What will happen to existing user of vodafone idea if company shutdown?

  • There no need to worry if vodafone idea shutdowns , Subcribers will be notified and will give enough time to port to other telecom services provider 
  • As per trai rule telecom company has to give 30 days advance notice to subcriber before shuting down  there network 
let see what if will happen to vodafone idea company whether it shutsdown or goverment will give them relief 
As per my view goverment will give them relief cause they have served our nation for many years with there telecom service even if we have enjoy there data even it was costlt but still vodafone idea was the best which had a stable speed and good network service 
After Reliance jio entered into market due to charge variation as compare to other jio once free and cheapest data and network providers so most of the people ported to jio 
Same condition was Happen with aircel company too 
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