Vodafone Idea Shutdown if no relief provided by goverment

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        Will Vodafone idea Shutdown in india 

Vodafone idea may shutdown if no relief is provided by goverment for due in telecom license fees , spectrum usage charges. 
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Why vodfone idea is closing  ?

As Kumar Mangalam birla chairman of aditiya birla group warned that vodafone idea closing soon if goverment refuses to provide relief for dues.
Birla said if we are not getting any relief in dues we have to close down ,shutdown vodafone idea  ,Cause of price war effected by Reliance jio telecom ltd. 
Birla said it doesnt make any sense to put good after bad , this would be end of vodafone idea , we will shut shop he said when reporter asked “Vodafone idea will put more money “
Vodafone idea ,airtel and other telecom company has to pay RS 1.47 lakhs crore dues for telecom license fee and spectrum usage charges with intrest & penalty for 14 years
birla said if we are not getting relief  it will be end of vodafone idea as they will shut down vodafone idea 

About Vodafone Idea Shares

Vodafone idea shares falls to 9% as birla announced to shutdown vodafone idea if relief not provided by goverment  speaking at a event on friday kumar managalam birla said it might to end of vodafone idea will no relief provided by goverment for dues in spectrum usage charges and telecom license fees. 
On Thrusday Vodafone idea Shares fell over 5% after brickwork rating downgraded the telecom operator rating (NCD)
The Shares of the company closed 5.34% percent lower at rs 6.92 on bse

Vodafone idea closing Date

If Goverment will not provide some relief to vodafone idea they will shutdown giving 60 days before notice to trai 
What will happen to existing vodafone idea subcribers if company shutdowns Click here to read 

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