Vapi & Valsad people Still outside wihout any reason (Video out)

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Vapi and Valsad people are still roaming outside during lock down 

Vapi valsad lockdown

After 24 March 2020 Narendra Modi annouched there will be lock down for 21 days for break the cycle of pandemic 

We request you all to stay at home dont go outside , Dont invite the covid 19 virus to your family 

So be safe 

Vapi &Valsad  people are still outside there home roaming outside wihtout any reasons even police is trying harder to minimise this problem bypassing only for people who are outside with valid reasons 

Police are trying there best for the lock down but still people are still on roads roaming wihout any reason People are been questioned , People with invalid reasons are send back 

Section 144 is applicable to the one who is not obeying the lockdown 

But Still people are not serious about this issue and causes they are still roaming outside without any essential reasons 

Dadra and Daman are sealed Police are everywhere in border people with dadra and daman ID are allowed to go inside 

Gujarat Police has also tighten security many vehicle from other state are been question and requested for valid or authorized allowance for travel 

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