How to get swiggy jobs as delivery boy

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How to join swiggy as delivery boy

You can make more than 22300rs in Swiggy doing its part time or full time job , As swiggy reached almost of the cities with there services Here we will share all details about swiggy job as delivery boy 

Swiggy is boom there services every where 

How to join swiggy delivery jobs needed Documents 

  1. Bike/Scooty
  2. Driving license
  3. Pan card /Bank account for salary 
  4. Aadhar card
  5. Android Phone
  6. Around 650 for bag and swiggy tshirt
There is non age limit if you have license you can apply with above mention documents for swiggy jobs

Swiggy Job type

There are two types of job in swiggy Full time and part time job with diffrent timing
Full time job working time are 9 hours timing is mention below
  • 8 – 6 pm            break time =11am-12pm    total working hour = 9 hours
  • 12pm – 11pm    break time = 4 pm – 6 pm   total working hour =9 hours 
Part time job has three timing total working hours are 5 hours
  • 12 pm 5pm               No break                       5 hours 
  • 5:30 – 10:30              No break                       5 hours
  • 7pm-12am                No Break                       5hours
If  you are busy in weekdays you can also work in weekends ,sunday and saturday 

What is the salary in swiggy 

Salary is based in three types 
  • Travel pay 
  • Customer pay
  • Waiting time
Travel pay – As per there km charges they mentions its vary as diffrent cities
Customer pay – For sucessfull dilvery you get extra Rs 5 You get extra Rs 20 in rainy season or for multiple batch orders 
Swiggy also pay you monthly & weekly incentives 
To get this incentives there are many conditions as you should log in on time should not cancel more then 3 orders

How much Incentives does Swiggy jobs pays you

Incentives are diffrent in diffrent cities these are some charts 
Swiggy jobs incentives

swiggy jobs incentives offers

How much you can earn from Swiggy jobs

  • Full Time – As full time job for example you can get 19 orders easily you can get upto Rs 30 to 140 assume if u get 45 for each order = 19×45 = 855 per day and for 26 days you get Rs 22230 + incentives No other job pays such a huge pay outs 
  • Part time job – As its about 5 hours if you get 9 order a day in rate of 45 orders per delivery 9×45 = 405 per day  and 10530rs for 26 days + incentives 
Even if you dont get any order swiggy will pay you Rs 400 for Full time job and Rs 200 for Part time job but you will get orders difinetly You dont need to worry 
Even the best part about swiggy job is you can withdraw earned ammount in week 

How to apply for swiggy delivery jobs

  • Search near by swiggy admin office in your cities or you can ask those swiggy delivery jobs too for addresss you have to sumit your document and pay 650 rs for swiggy bag and tshirt after approval you will be assigned
For other swiggy jobs you must visit there officail site Swiggy carrers

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